Other Research

Under Review

  • Bradford, Ashley C., W. David Bradford, “The Effect of State and Local Housing Policies on County-Level Eviction Rates in the United States, 2004-2016.” Submitted to Journal of Urban Economics.
  • Bradford, Ashley C., Catherine Maclean. “Evictions and psychiatric treatment.” Submitted to The Journal of Human Resources.

Working Papers, to be submitted

  • Bradford, Ashley C., “City Nuisance Property Ordinances and Drug Mortality.”
  • Gupta, Sumedha, Ashley C. Bradford, Augustina Laurito, Jonathan Cantor, Kosali Simon, and Coady Wing, “Individual Level CDC Covid-19 Surveillance Data: Promises And Pitfalls for Studying Racial Inequities.”
  • Carlin, Patrick, Coady Wing, Alex Hollingsworth, and Ashley C. Bradford, “The Effect of Recreational Marijuana Laws on Migration Rates”
  • Bradford, Ashley C., Thuy Nguyen, Andrew Dick, Kosali Simon, and Bradley D. Stein, “The Influence of State Opioid Prescribing Policy on Potentially Appropriate Prescribing for Acute Pain.”
  • Bradford, Ashley C., Rosalie Pacula “Marijuana Laws and Opioid Mitigation Policies: Better Together than Apart?”